Facebook Marketing Dubai

Facebook is one of the most powerful and affordable social media marketing channel.

It is an effective way to capture leads to your business and increase brand awareness. Elitbuzz is here to provide you with the best Facebook marketing in Dubai.

We can help you reach your best target audience in Facebook through varieties of targeting methods such as

  1. Custom Audience
  2. Locations
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Languages
  6. Detailed Targeting – Based on demographics, interests or behaviors

We focus on the below metrics to ensure the best results for your Facebook marketing Dubai.

Focus on Mobile

Now a days smart phones and tablets are become an important player in the world of digital marketing.

We always ensure our ad campaigns are best compatible with smart phones and tablet devices.


Facebook has a unique system for tracking actions that occur after someone leaves a Facebook ad and travels to a web page. We can install a Facebook pixel that track things like page views, registration and orders.

Refresh your creative strategy

It is necessary to iterate Facebook ad creative in order to ensure the best performance for your ads, because Facebook ads are such a highly visual medium.

Optimize your ad spend for true ROI

It is highly important to optimize your ad spend to ensure the best ROI from your ads. Elitbuzz optimizes your ads from all the aspects to make a promising ROI and an effective Facebook marketing in Dubai.

Facebook video ads

Facebook video ad is one of the highly dominating ad category. By using video creative advertisers can engage audience with sights and sounds, It helps to make a more memorable viewing experience that can be more likely to drive a marketer’s desired action.

Segment your marketing campaigns

Facebook offers some of the most sophisticated ad targeting in the industry, so we always experiment with all available options to find out what strategy drives the best performance for your business.

Different Types of Facebook Ads

Based on your advertising goals, there are varieties of Facebook ads available.

Below is the list of different types of Facebook ads available.

  • Boost your post
  • Promote your page
  • Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Reach focused ads
  • Traffic focused ads
  • Engagement focused ads
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Conversions oriented ads
  • Product Catalog sales
  • Sore visits