Marketing is the most important thing for any business. If you don’t do marketing, then people will never know how good your product or service is! ElitBuzz is one such stop for SMS Marketing in Dubai. Our SMS marketing Packages are attractive, precise and just waiting for you.

So don’t miss out your chance on precise and efficient marketing in Dubai with ElitBuzz.

ElitBuzz provides you with new and repeated leads with targeted SMS Offers, Up-Selling, Loyalty Updates, Surveys, Data Collection, Event Organising, Promoting Business and other multichannel campaigns.

There are many marketing techniques online but the most effective technique is SMS Marketing.  It is said that SMS Marketing can boost up your sales by a whopping 40%. ElitBuzz is proudly heading the market of SMS Marketing with numerous trusted and satisfied customers.

Today, no one has time for searching and collecting data. But everyone needs a proper database to encourage and enhance their business. So how will you do that? Don’t worry! ElitBuzz will take care of that. ElitBuzz has an exclusive collection of 7+ Million databases. You simply have to tell us your category and we will provide you with the best information.

Our Categories:

  • Nationality (Arab, Local Arab, Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, British, American. Etc.)
  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Age
  • City(Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or other cities)
  • Any GCC Country
  • Salary (VIPs and High Salaried People)
  • Language Specific (Arabic, English.etc.)
  • Property & Car Buyers/Owners
  • Exhibition & Shopping Mall Visitors
  • Furniture shoppers
  • Driving License Holders

How ElitBuzz helps you?

  • Affordable and precise information
  • Active users database
  • Instant Delivery
  • Attractive GUI Web-based application with easy navigation
  • Supportive to SMS Reply & Short Code Service via SMPP client for SMS
  • Web/Desktop based applications which are integrated with API via SMS aggregator
  • No hidden charges or contracts.

Just not this, ElitBuzz ensures client satisfaction by providing advanced features in the web-based panel. So let us take a quick look at these advanced features.

  • Sender ID (11 Characters) which show personalize name to the receiver. The receiver will definitely take a look at the message at least once because of this feature.
  • You are the administrator, so uploading and managing your database will be under your control.
  • You can access the interface via mobile phone and on any device if you are in a hurry.
  • Interactive and simple dashboard which ensures that you don’t have any difficulty using it. Real Time Analytical Reports is an add-on as well.
  • Just one click and you can send bulk, single or any volume of messages.

So contact us to boost up your business. ElitBuzz is the best option for SMS Marketing Dubai. Our SMS Marketing Packages will never let you down and will give you the best possible service.

We at ElitBuzz understand your needs and are willing to make your business grow.

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