Will you not be happy to get genuine Facebook likes while your customers enjoy free WiFi of your restaurant or store? Plug-in our social WiFi router and continue to communicate with them on social networks. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small outlet or a big hotel; you will always have to communicate with your customers. WiFi buzz will provide free WiFi to your customers and stores all the data in the dashboard. Information collected from WiFi Buzz helps you to segment your customers, create target based campaigns, increase repeat customers and develop customer loyalty.

Social media is part of everyone’s life. Almost every person is using some or the other social network site in order to remain in touch with family and friends. It has shrunk the world to a very small place and brought everything at a click away. People like their favorite star’s page; brand their wear, music they like, movie they watch and so on. Internet and social media has changed the way people interact with each other. In order to give people internet access everywhere, now hotels, restaurants, shopping malls etc. have started giving them free Wi-Fi zone, which people can get connect to their smart phones and use internet and even like your page.

Social WiFi is very useful router to create a Wi-Fi zone for people and make the most of it. It is affordable and can be plug in anywhere and anytime.

Boost your company on social network in just 5 simple steps.


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